Donnerstag, 15. August 2013

4. San Diego: Bilder / pictures

Mit em Zug im Hindergrund bin ich in San Clemente am 8. Auguscht acho. Mega e schoeni Strecki, entlang am Meer.
With the train in the background I've arrived in San Clemente at the 8. of August. A great trip along the coast.

Was git's schoeners, wiea's offe Meer?
What cant beat the view of the ocean?

S'gseht so eifach us...!
It looks so easy,...:-)!

Sorry Jungs, dass ich diea Lady nu im Profil fotografiert ha :-).
Sorry guys, that I've just took a picture of the profile of this good looking surfer girl.

Scho lang haet mir dae Darl vo San Clemente vorgschwaermt. Kei Wunder!
No wonder, Darl told me, that I've to stop in San Clemente.

En einzelne Surfer wo bime wunderschoene Setting uf d'Welle wartet.
A surfer waiting for another wave in front of a beautiful setting.

Darl, Madeleine und ein vo ihrne Enkel im "Fisherman's".
Darl, Madeleine and one of there grandson's in the "Fisherman's"

Jack, dae treu Begleiter vo dae Katey.
Jack, Katey's faithful friend.

D'Katey und dae Jack, mini Gastgeber do in San Diego. Herzliche Dank...
Katey and Jack, my hosts while I stayed in San Diego. Many thanks...

Das isch do e mittelgrossi Stross. S'meischt wo ich zellt han sind 16 Liniea.
That's nothing special here in San Diego. The most lines I've counted were 16.

Mit eme Typ wo ich kenne glernt ha, bin ich in Balboa Park, wo mir e super Jazz-Konzert gloset haend.
With a guy I met after church, I went to Balboa park, where we listened to a Jazz concert.
Nei, dae David und Pamela han ich noed atroffe :-)...
No, I didn't run into David and Pamela :-)...

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