Montag, 3. Februar 2014

9. Kambodscha: Kampot, Pictures

Mini Bike-Kollegin, d'Nadia. E mega Powerfrau *smile*.
My bike buddy Nadia. A woman full of energy *smile*.
Üses erschte Guesthouse, wunderschön am Fluss gläge.
Our first guesthouse, very nice situated at the river.
Eifach nu schön...
Just beautiful...
En Fischer hät gad d'Netz use tue...
A fisherman on the way back to shore, he just put out the nets.
Immer wieder hät's Ständ am Wägrand. Do wird mir gad Kokusnuss zuebereitet.
Along the roads there are lots of stands. Here I'm getting a coconut.
Meh wieä 6 uf eim Töff häni bis jetzt nonig gseh *smile*.
I didn't see more than 6 people on a moto yet *smile*.
So goht me uf Familieäusflug oder zum Schaffe. Mir chöned oft mini Polizei-Fründ in Sinn *smile*.
That's how they go out with families or to work. I often have to think of my friends who are police men.
D'Ruine vom alte Kasino uf em Bokor. Ich erspar eu de Ablick vom neue Kasino.
The ruins of the old casino on the top of Mount Bokor.
Bi glaub no nieä so happy gsi drüber e Buddha Statue z'gseh. Vo do us isch's me oder weniger flach witer.
I think I was never before so happy to see a Buddha statue than that time. It meant that we reached the top of the mountain.
Interessant, nöd...?!?
How funny...!?!

Ei Familieä = eis Auto
One family = one car
Mhhh...was söllemer näh?
Mhhh...what shall we take?
    Oft häts vieli chlini Gässli.
Often there are small tiny alleys.
Eifach interessant, was es amel alles z'gseh git.
Just interesting, so many things to stun about.

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